Storefront of 30 Merchants on 41

Booth Rental Information

Interested in becoming a vendor at 30 Merchants on 41? We offer a selection of booths in a range of sizes, perfect for showcasing your wares and antiques.

We understand that you don't want to have to rely on trade shows, online, flea markets, or have to travel to sell your amazing items. Decorate your booth exactly how you want, as it is YOUR own little store.

With a range from $75 to $126 a month, we offer great booth space at competitive rent prices.


Booth Rental Rates:

08X11 - $75/month
10X11 - $85/month

10X12 - $90/month
11X12 - $100/month
12X12 - $110/month
12X14 - $126/month

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